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38C3 Hamburg 27-30/12
DIG Festival 2024 Modena 18-22/09
IETF 120 Vancouver 20-26/07
PET Symposium 2024 Bristol 15-20/07
WarCon 2024 Warsaw 14-15/06
FOSDEM 2024 Bruxelles 03-04/02


SecureDrop Server LPE CVE-2022-4563
PAX POS Prolin OS RCE CVE-2020-{28044, 28045, 28046}
Nokia/ALU CPE Keygen CVE-2020-12694
PCS Host Checker RCE CVE-2020-{11580, 11581, 11582}
Alcatel OmniVista RCE CVE-2019-{20047, 20048, 20049}


Osservatorio Nessuno NGO for privacy, digital rights and activism
TumpiCon Invite-only hacking conference
_TO * hacklab Turin Hacklab
[IT] stakkastakka Radical radio broadcast
[IT] Radical server
[IT] Scusette Silly excuses database
Antiwar Songs Multiple languages database and commentary
JBZ Team [retired] CTF team


Tumpi Networks IPv4 leasing
1337 Services Sec consulting

TOR Exit Nodes E43244684E0C924EC082B8ECC735FAF2F8CF1C45 08394C4873C8A71BE9F53593F9B4AD694BFCDB90 B9B267EF3716498DACF5D79CEDD7D025876398A1 4EA257865C25F9450CC31E90FDE42AB07602944C C13FBE4703EEDC82FEF5C2EDE9050E41003D2EB6 6E02FDEA15122A492A799A58C4C11D02637B145A 9253912D900505F77C8EFE81F7A38FC273E2ECD7 15C2FFABEB99D34AEA28EF01DF34D7BF00938D38 0B1DF900D338DD168C836306DFAA9855FE6A0AE0 6542E37FBA0E4A7864854A8D37BDB64D33ADD40F